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This large plate from the late 1800s takes its name from the town of Manises (Valencia) Spain, where this type of ceramic originated.  In the town of Manises they manufactured ceramics with intrinsic designs but these particular designs were considered popular and inexpensive  in their day. They were heavily used and treated with little care. For that reason it is very rare to find them intact and they are collected despite their many signs of use.

Their simple design and patina has made them popular among designers making them more and more rare to find

This plate is in good condition for collectors and the crack is not deep enough to worry (as told by a professional ceramic restorer in Madrid). In any case, I have decided to partially restore the crack reinforcing it with an invisible resin that will not change the look of the plate.

Condition: Good for collectors. In the process of restoring the larger crack with a professional.
Size: Diameter: 12.5″ (32cm_
Material: stoneware
Color: off-white with blue circle lines
Origin: ManisesSpain
Period: 1800’s
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